Welcome to Food for Fran – an experimental project I have taken upon myself to add to my already hectic life! It’s gonna be ace, just sit tight.

You can find out more about me – Fran – in the ‘About me’ section but for now this is a quick welcome pack to the blog – thank you for stopping in!

First, let’s set the scene. I am not a creative person in the ‘traditional’ sense. I don’t make up recipes or spend my spare time walking and taking photos (although I love doing both, when I happen upon them), instead I look at things logically and have a very scientific mind. I like to follow recipes exactly and take pride in cakes actually turning out how they’re supposed to rather than coming up with insane flavours or creative cake towers; my pictures are also pretty naff. So this blog, although will be venturing into new terriroty for me – in which I won’t have to reference every sentence – is more of a documention of my new culinary journey than ‘look what I’ve made’….just so you know.

Food for Fran is all about how I eat to fuel my busy life, how I’m getting to grips with cooking for myself and will be used, primarily, as a way to track my training, achievements and any future goals!

Now the mushy bit’s out of the way I’m going to focus on what I’m having for dinner tonight!


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